Local Rocker a Woman of Many Talents

Shaynie Rhoads is the go-to person to help you book a session at Guitar Center’s tricked-out studio at Public Market Emeryville. Sure, Shaynie is awesome at billing, scheduling and coordinating complex recording sets – all those left brain activities.

But she also excels on the right side of the brain – leading the creative life of a working musician.

With a degree in music, Shaynie knew she needed to master her instrument if she hoped to play like her top influences, such as Randy Rhoads of Ozzie Osbourne’s band or Metallica’s James Hatfield. So, of course, she is a virtuoso classical guitar player.

But Shaynie wants to be known for her heavy metal shredding as lead guitarist with The Rightsiders. “We do original music, but also throw in ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ and Stone Temple Pilots.” That band can be seen at an 18+ event called Summer Breakout at Brick & Mortar in San Francisco on August 21st.

Shaynie’s short-list:

  • Favorite guitar: Gibson’s Flying V
  • Go-to food at Public Market: Almost every day I go to Peet’s for an Americano Mocha
  • Go-to spot at Public Market: I go to the gym In Shape three or four days a week! It’s an essential part of my life.
  • Other thoughts? I want to inspire girls and women of all ages to be fearless in their musical endeavors!

Learn more about Shaynie at her website: shaynierhoads.com