New Name for Neighboring College

Congratulations to our next-door-neighbor, who just changed its name to reflect its recent integration into the SAE (School of Audio Engineering) USA campus system, Ex’pression College is now SAE Expression College.

SAE Expression College offers five Bachelor’s Degree programs in digital arts including Animation & Visual Effects, Digital Filmmaking, Game Art & Design, Interactive Audio, and Sound Arts.

The College’s choice of Emeryville for its location is based on the city’s positive reputation as an incubator for creativity – both in business and in the arts. Home to a variety of companies, from successful Bay Area brands such as Peet’s Coffee and Clif Bar to the animation powerhouse Pixar, Emeryville has a distinct entrepreneurial energy.

The SAE Expression College campus occupies 102,000+ square feet in two buildings comprised of offices, classrooms and labs and lounges. A sense of the College’s brand can be gleaned simply from the names of its specialized classrooms, which include the Marshall McLuhan Lab, Stop Motion Room and the Jimi Hendrix Suite.

Any potential digital media artists out there have an opportunity to peek inside and learn more. On August 13, 9AM-12PM, SAE Expression College opens its doors, studios and labs for an Open House. Visitors will be able to:

  • Learn more about the academic programs
  • Tour professional-grade facilities and equipment
  • See live band recordings and other demos
  • Meet the talented faculty
  • View outstanding student work and projects
  • Admissions Representatives and Financial Aid Officers will be available to answer questions.

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