Meet the Purveyors: Mayo & Mustard

Husband and wife team Masa and Becky Chen founded Mayo & Mustard initially as a food truck business with a mission to “to spread the Mayo & Mustard sandwich experience and captivate the appetites of those who love sandwiches.”

After just a year in business, the food truck received a glowing review from the discerning SFWeekly food blog, along with a “Best of” Award from the publication. The truck was a hit!

With a near 5-star Yelp profile, it seemed that Masa and Becky had achieved their mission.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Masa and Becky’s next challenge was a brick and mortar location in Emeryville, the city they’ve called home for over five years.

We caught up with Masa to talk to him about his success, and his newly opened Mayo & Mustard location at Public Market Emeryville.

What’s the best thing about being owner of Mayo & Mustard?
Seeing our dream for our brand become a reality and hearing our customers’ compliments and seeing the people appreciate our hard work and commitment to our quality in our food.

What are your goals/vision for M&M?
To eventually open other M&M location based on the Emeryville model throughout the Bay Area.

Why did you choose Public Market for your location?
We decided on the Public Market to be our first brick & mortar because we see the potential of the growth in Emeryville and we also live here.

What’s your favorite sandwich?
Tri Tip w/ BBQ and Horseradish Sauce on our Dutch Crunch roll.

Tell me 5 words to describe the business?
Quality, Fresh, Classic, Special and Dedication.

Welcome to Public Market, Mayo & Mustard! We’re delighted you’re joining our community.