Musician James Nagel Stands Apart from Other Singer Songwriters

Looking for ways to jump-start your weekend? Bonus: How about acquainting yourself and your buddies to a fresh new face on the Bay Area music scene?

That’s just what you’ll find at the next Market Beats 2nd Friday at Public Market. On July 14th, the talented James Nagel will play in our Food Hall.

Steve Cahill (writer/producer, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Billy Joel) wrote, “James Nagel is easily one of the most talented young songwriters around today.” And KFOG DJ Renee Richardson said, “You can’t help but grow to love this Bay Area singer/songwriter!”

In anticipation of his Market Beats gig, we caught up with James to learn more.

PM – How would you characterize the style of music you play?
JN – I would characterize my music as a blend of acoustic soul, blues and folk.

PM – Do you perform solo or with other players?
JN – I do both. I have a full band but I also customize my live setup depending on what’s desired for the gig. I’ll play a festival stage with my band, maybe have a duo or trio for a winery gig and perform solo for something intimate like a coffee house or small club.

PM – Are you originally from the Bay Area?
JN – I am from the east bay originally. I lived and worked for a while in Boston, MA and have since relocated to the Sacramento area and focus on music in both the Sac and Bay Area regions.

PM – What are some of your recent highlights from performing?
JN – Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to perform and record songs which have made it on some national advertisements and TV shows like Napa Auto, Red Bull and Survivor.

PM – Who are your musical influences?
JN – My influences run far and wide, it would be hard to list them all. A few important ones would be Bob Seger, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder.

PM – What are your aspirations with your music?
JN – I have a deep rooted love for music from generations gone by. My goal with each musical endeavor I take on is to bring some of that sound back, hopefully reintroducing it to the new generations.

We hope you’ll join us at Market Beats on July 14th for an evening of fun, food and friends!

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