4 Fun Beverages to Try at HOT ITALIAN

Care to add a little extra sparkle to your holiday season? HOT ITALIAN at Public Market has just the thing. If you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy the season with a friend or colleague, stop by the award-winning pizza and panini bar for a custom cocktail or festive spirit to pair with the resto’s delicious food and fun atmosphere.

As anyone who has visited the Bel Paese (that’s Italian for beautiful country) knows, for Italians, there is no food without wine and no wine without food. HOT ITALIAN offers you the best of both, featuring some favorite vinos from Italy’s winemakers.

1. Verso
HOT ITALIAN’s Verso is a primitivo blend, a luscious red wine with velvety tannins and notes of cedar and blackberry.

2. Benvolio Prosecco
For an effervescent evening, this sparkling wine holds notes of honey and fresh flowers on the nose, and citrus, peaches, and green apples on the palate with a vibrant acidity.

These specially prepared beverages aren’t on HOT ITALIAN’s menu year-round, so catch them before they swap out these drinks for something new. You’ll be the envy of your Instagram followers when you post snaps of these attractive cocktails. Use #customcocktails and #publicmarketemeryville when uploading.

This refreshing drink starts with Modesto-based New Amsterdam gin augmented with St. Elder Elderflower, lime, and grapefruit Pellegrino. Saluti!

Get your weekend hydration on with the return of HOT ITALIAN’s popular CAMPIONE. This drink starts with an Aperol Spritz with a boost of Cocchi Americano added. The result is a delicious fortified wine with an herbal complexity and a bitter dry finish.

Stop by and drink up soon, as these libations won’t be on the menu per sempre. Ciao!