Meet the Purveyors: We Sushi

We Sushi owner Thomas Wu had been working as a sushi chef for over 10 years, with most of that time spent working at fine-dining restaurants in San Francisco. He was trained by Japanese sushi chefs on the job and enjoys creating new dishes, with a particular love for working on presentation.

In 2011, Thomas began exploring options for striking out on his own, but couldn’t find the right location so he decided to simply go mobile. The We Sushi food truck was born with the distinction of being the first and only truck serving the Bay Area with authentic, fresh sushi and rolls.

Never having lost the dream of a brick and mortar space, Thomas’s friends at Mayo & Mustard alerted him of an opening for a permanent stall at Public Market. We Sushi had been part of Off the Grid’s Public Market Emeryville’s rotation since 2014 and had established a strong following. Joining the Food Hall was a natural fit.

With more offerings than on the food truck, We Sushi at Public Market Emeryville has a menu that includes both traditional and more fusion-forward items. There are entrees, Bento boxes, a lightly fried spicy tuna roll and the “Lobster Crunch,” as well as sushi burritos.

We Sushi’s fish is hand-selected from local and global markets every morning “to guarantee freshness and the best of the season.” The chefs use sustainable and organic ingredients as much as possible. All sauces are made in-house.

Specialty Menu Items:

  • Wheel of Fire Specialty Roll – a Spicy California Roll topped with Albacore and slices of Jalapeno
  • Lobster Crunch roll – featuring Lobster salad, Cucumber, and Avocado in Lightly Fried Soy Wrap
  • Chirashi – assorted sashimi and vegetable over bed of sushi rice

Stop by the Food Hall soon to welcome We Sushi and taste the food that built them a reputation as one of the tastiest fast-sushi experiences around.