Construction Progress – Temporary Bypass on Shellmound St.

We are partway through construction for the 14-acre Public Market Redevelopment project. We recently embarked on the next phase – installation of underground utilities.

In order to maintain uninterrupted use of Shellmound Street while we install this new infrastructure, we have constructed two lanes of traffic as a temporary Bypass Road until utilities work is complete. The Bypass will be in place until all utilities have been installed – by mid-October 2017.

All store and offices will remain open for business during this process.

The new Bypass Road will run through the current parking area to the east of Shellmound Street. The existing sidewalk and parking spaces along the eastern frontage of Shellmound will be temporarily eliminated for the new roadway.

Please watch for signage at Public Market to direct you to parking.

We’ll be posting monthly construction updates on our website, to alert the public of the latest parking information and any other pertinent details. You may also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for weekly updates, photos and parking info.

We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to create a new and improved Public Market Emeryville.