Construction Progress: May Update

On the ground and in the air, construction is progressing briskly for redevelopment of the 14.5-acre Public Market Emeryville project. Dirt is moving and buildings are rising. The new Shellmound Street alignment is underway and, with New Seasons Market’s 30,000 square-foot store structure in place, the shape of this new neighborhood is emerging.

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For an update on recent milestones and what’s next in the pipeline, we caught up with Travis Knight, project manager with general contractor Plant Construction.

“The first thing everyone needs to know is that all the shops, the Food Hall, the offices – everything is open for business during construction. That goes double for Urban Outfitters and Guitar Center, at the southern end of the Food Hall, which you can walk to on the sidewalk on the east side of the complex.”

Additionally, Travis highlighted the following milestones – nerdy construction lingo included, free of charge!

  • Demolition construction in front of Lot A area started (that’s Urban Outfitters and Guitar Center). Storm drain installation is underway.
  • New Seasons Market area buildout has started.
  • Installation of structural soil began on 63rdand Market Street.
  • Start of Domestic Water installation on 63rdand Market Street.
  • Elevator installation in Parcel C-1 Parking Garage has begun.

But the most exciting development for the construction team? “Well, Paradita has opened, of course” noted Travis.