Back to School, for Grown-Ups

The fog has cleared. Bay Area temperatures are up. Cal students are returning to Berkeley. It must be time to go back to school.

Even adults can head back to school and that doesn’t have to mean hitting the books. It could mean hitting the drums with a group of Taiko masters. Or maybe it means exploring a Japanese form of martial arts.

Emeryville has a wide variety of adult classes and workshops. Below is a just a sampling of some fun options in our backyard.

Emeryville Taiko Studios
Learn the art of traditional Taiko drumming. Beginner classes start every month, with adult classes on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

What to expect? The essence of Taiko is not only the skillful playing of percussion instruments, but a discipline of mind and body, taught in the tradition of martial-arts. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing with no jewelry. Drums are provided during the class sessions.

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Swim Lessons at Emeryville Center of Community Life Pool
The aquatics center at Emeryville’s community pool offers an extensive list of adult swim classes. From water aerobics to private lap swim instructions, the pool in Emeryville has garnered 4-star Yelp reviews.

BONUS: The pool’s private patio area is available for rent during Recreation Swim periods on Saturdays through October 21st, 1:30-3:30pm.

Explore swim options here >

Guitar Center Music Lessons
Is it time you learned more than 3 chords on that guitar? How about picking up the basics of blues in a group?

Guitar Center at Public Market is a great site to begin or brush up your music skills. With comfortable, sound-proof studios and professional instructors, Guitar Center specializes in music lessons for adults.

Stop by Guitar Center and ask an associate for more information. They’ll even take you on a tour of the store’s facilities.