Construction Progress: December Update

The construction team from Plant is making swift progress on the redevelopment of Public Market Emeryville. All shops and businesses, including the Food Hall, offices, Urban Outfitters, Guitar Center, Hot Italian, Paradita Eatery, and Peet’s are open for business.

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As underground utilities are being installed, the Plant team is fencing off areas of parking in limited phases. During this phased construction, there will always be ample parking for customers and access for pedestrians. We’ve installed plenty of signage to direct you to ensure your visit to Public Market is easy.

We recently caught up with Travis from Plant to learn about the latest construction milestones and what’s next in the pipeline. Below are a few of the highlights:

  • Paving of the new Shellmound Street will be completed by mid-December.
  • We plan to open Shellmound to vehicular traffic by Christmas.
  • The new 62nd Street Plaza will be open by Christmas.
  • Work will start on Christie Park before the end of the year.