February Construction Update

The renovation at Public Market Emeryville reached a big milestone recently when the new Shellmound Road opened. All shops and businesses remain open as we continue to march ahead with construction progress. Information on updated parking can be found here:

We recently caught up with Travis from Plant Construction to learn about the latest milestones and what’s next in the pipeline. Below are a few of the highlights:

  • Paving of the new Shellmound Street is complete and the road is open.
  • The green bike lanes along new Shellmound will be painted by the middle of February.
  • The new 62nd Street Plaza is open to pedestrians and will be open to vehicular traffic by the second week of February.
  • The new parking garage is open and operational.
  • Work is underway on Christie Park.
  • The parking lot directly across from Public Market will be closing at the end of January for construction on Parcel B, additional retail, parking and residential.

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