A Park Gets Ready for its Closeup

Undergoing a renovation over the last several months, the park on the western side of Public Market is approaching its grand opening.

Christie Park will be the next gem in the City of Emeryville’s Recreation and Parks department, courtesy of Public Market’s development team and designers Hart Howerton. With numerous improvements and the addition of nearly half an acre, the revitalized park will be a welcoming space for events, social gathering, recreation and relaxing.

Kids in particular should get ready for a whale of a good time on the new park’s focal point: a life-size blue whale. The centerpiece was designed and fabricated by Monstrum, a Danish firm that specializes in playground structures.

You might have already glimpsed the whale. Delivered via sea freight container, the spruce plywood structure required a crane to lift and position into place.

Inside, the whale is equipped with ladders and access to the whale’s mouth, teeth included. Outside, the whale is covered with barnacles and platforms for climbing and a slide.

Activating children’s imaginations is at the heart of Monstrum’s designs. As the company founders say, “Why play on a climbing frame if you can play on a moon rocket, a submarine, a giant snail house or a Trojan horse?”

We’re sure this new element and Christie Park, in general, will become a beloved place to visit again and again. To learn the latest on the Park’s opening, sign up for Public Market’s newsletter here >