UO Makeover for Your Room

The start of the academic year is upon us. While college life is inspiring and challenging, it can also be overwhelming. If you’re just starting freshman year, it means making new friends, getting to know your way around town and figuring out the best plan for doing laundry each week.

Having a calm, homey space to return to at the end of the day can make all the difference.

Urban Outfitters at Public Market Emeryville offers some tips and products to make your home inviting – whether it’s a dorm room or a bedroom makeover in your folks’ home.

Forgo fluorescent lighting for UO neons. Put a warm light sculpture on your nightstand to enjoy a soft, colorful glow when you’re relaxing in bed.

Photos and Art
Walls are the perfect opportunity to showcase your individuality. Arrange your favorite posters or check out UO’s variety of wall art prints. Hanging pictures with photo clip firefly string lights is also a nurturing way to display your BFFs.

Make your desk area more than just a place to hit the books. Let a fun mug double as a pencil holder, and keep your go-to beauty products on hand for when you need a quick dab of stress relieving essential oil.

Above the Bed
Bring the outdoors inside with a calming touch of greenery. UO’s decorative vines set can instantly transform your space. Or hang a tapestry beside your bed to easily cover an entire wall.

Another tip for staying nurtured while in school? Visit Public Market for lunch, dinner or study hours with your friends!