Meet the Purveyors: Introducing Meenakshi Singh of Wazwan

Wazwan first opened its doors at Public Market Emeryville in 1987 and has been serving up delicious Indian food to the masses ever since. For co-owner, Meenakshi Singh, Wazwan is more than an eatery; it is a labor of love and camaraderie paired with the desire to connect with the community over traditional Indian food with a healthy twist. While Wazwan’s success lies with its consistently good food, it is also a product of a great group of people working as a team on a goal they are passionate about.

We met with the team at Wazwan to learn more about the faces behind the counter and the passion they feel for what they do.

What inspired you to become a restaurant owner?

This is the only business that brings you close to the community. When you serve food to someone, you get an instant connection and reward. No other business does that. It puts a smile on your face right away. If you can be in the food business, it is a blessing. We believe food should be cooked with love and affection to keep your gut happy and honest.

What are five words you would use to describe Wazwan?

  • Authentic
  • Healthy
  • Delicious
  • Flavorful
  • Indian

What are three tips for running a successful restaurant?

  • Food Quality
  • Consistency
  • Motivated/Dedicated Team

Jorge, our main chef has been here for more than 20 years. Many of his family members work here. We have been with each other through all of lives changes including marriages and births. We see people as the assets of life.

What is your favorite dish?

Samosa with chutney.

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Make sure to stop by Public Market Emeryville to enjoy Wazwan in their new digs.

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