Get your bike on in Emeryville!

Bicycling is a positive thing to do for the environment, community, health, and most importantly, for the simple joy of it.

That’s why we love bicycles at Public Market. Our site features a number of bike amenities, including artful bike parking and even a bike fix-it station. In fact, the city of Emeryville as a whole is rich in bike-friendly resources and infrastructure.

We wanted to fill you in on a few little known bike facts about our city-by-the-Bay:

The new Bay Bridge bike path access points.
There are currently two access points to the Alexander Zuckermann Bike Path. One is in West Oakland and the other is in Emeryville.

To get to the Emeryville entrance: Follow 40th Street to the overpass, where it becomes Shellmound Street. Continue on the overpass. Once you have reached the bottom you will see a stoplight for the Ikea parking lot entrance. The entrance to the trail is on your right. There is also another entrance on the other side of the street for southbound bikers, so you don’t have to cross the intersection no matter which direction you are coming from.

Off-street bike path in Emeryville
Off-street bike path in Emeryville

Off-Street Bike Path
The Doyle Street neighborhood in Emeryville has an off-street bike path that starts on Doyle Street and Ocean Avenue and ends on Murray Street in Berkeley. It’s a shared path, with pedestrians, and is a great place for kids to ride for fun in a safe, slower-paced environment, separate from cars.

Bicycle Innovators: Revolights
Right in Emeryville’s backyard is a cutting-edge company that has revolutionized bicycle safety ever since it was originally launched in 2011. Revolights single-handedly transformed an entire industry with their ring of USB-powered battery operated LEDs that attach to both wheels.

Revolights’ revolutionary bicycle lighting

Bike Sharing in Emeryville
Lyft now offers all  Bay Area residents an affordable, accessible, and fun new transportation option.  Check out all the details here, including the details for accessing their bikes at Public Market.

Bike East Bay
Champions of two-wheel traveling, Bike East Bay is your resource for all things bicycling in Alameda County. Maybe you want to take a workshop in safe urban cycling? Or perhaps you want your kids to learn best practices for biking to nearby activities. And even if you just want to talk shop with other enthusiasts, Bike East Bay will have some good resources for you.