Back to School, East Bay Style

It’s fall semester at UC Berkeley and at dozens of colleges throughout the Bay Area. With Public Market a popular meeting and eating spot for students from all over the Bay Area, we’re excited to share this quick guide for local scholars.

Getting around
While Uber and Lyft can get you anywhere; the folks might not appreciate the additional charges on their credit card. Besides, public transit is excellent in the Bay Area. Emeryville is particularly fortunate to have the fare-free Emery Go-Round.

AC Transit is the East Bay’s bus system and BART provides subway trips throughout the region. To learn more about the Bay Area’s public transit, visit

And for those avid two-wheelers, Bike East Bay is THE bicycle resource and advocacy organization for our side of the Bay.

You rarely find everything you need in one place, and sometimes finding the simple pieces can be the hardest part. That is where Urban Outfitters at Public Market Emeryville comes in, and solves all your back to school style conundrums.

From skinny jeans to basic white tees, your school fashion essentials are all there and right now!

Your Audio Needs
Earphones: Music can do everything, from helping you focus to keeping you relaxed or you can listen to a lecture on the fly. The key, however, is good pair of ear buds. Guitar Center has a large assortment, including these pro earphones from Shure > These will sound way better than any of those fashion earbuds you’ll find at the campus book store.

Ambiance App: Serious reading and writing often requires serious silence. This app features a library of thousands of background sounds (white noises, rolling waves, thunderstorms) that are designed to make noisy environments feel as quiet as a library.

Staying Awake
You WILL find yourself cramming for exams, jamming on that research paper and pulling, if not all-nighters, at least late-nighters. You might want some caffeine. Peet’s at Public Market Emeryville is not only a cozy café, perfect for getting away from campus and reading, but Peet’s also boasts some of the best coffees and teas around.

And when you’re hungry or you need a place off-campus to meet and study, visit the Public Market. We look forward to seeing you!