Orangetheory Fitness: What’s It All About?

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about Orangetheory Fitness, which is now open at Public Market (follow Public Market on Facebook to stay on top of the latest!)

Orangetheory Fitness is an interval-based workout that uses heart rate monitors to encourage you to push yourself (based on your fitness level) and includes three different components –

  • interval training on the treadmill
  • indoor rowing
  • weight room floor exercises

The hour-long workouts vary day-to-day and often have a certain focus (strength, endurance or power, etc.). An instructor leads the class through a workout rotation and offers form correction, exercise demonstrations, and encouragement.


Continuous, deep feedback throughout your workout. Not only from your instructor/coach, but also from a large screen above the treadmills. It displays your name, heart rate, percentage of your max heart rate, calories burned and “splat points.” In other words, your motivation is displayed right on the screen.

Heart rate levels are represented by colors and you earn a “splat point” for every minute you spend in the orange or red zone. The orange and red zones are the “after burn” zones that occur when your heart rate is up to or over 85 percent of your max heart rate, allowing you to continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours after the class is over. Basically, you get a splat point when you are working your hardest.

Throughout the workout, participants move from station to station without remaining at one station for too long. This ensures you stay engaged and interested.

You’ll want to arrive 20 minutes before your first class to learn more about the workout, meet the instructor, fill out a liability waiver and borrow a heart rate monitor. During your first class, you’re able to borrow one of the Orangetheory Fitness-compatible heart rate monitors to use for free.

Visit Public Market today to get the skinny on Orangetheory Fitness or visit their website, here >