Bicyclists – You’ve Got A Friend

With Public Market featuring bike-friendly businesses, artful bike-parking, and occasional warehouse sales from PUBLIC Bikes, our space is a popular gathering spot for bicyclists.

And we want to make sure our community knows you’ve got a friend in Bike East Bay. The advocacy group helps to promote healthy, sustainable communities by making bicycling safe, fun and accessible.

Even for folks who might be a little intimidated by the thought of bicycling in a city, Bike East Bay also educates – teaching classes on everything from “Urban Cycling 101” to “Adult Learn to Ride Classes” and “Theft Prevention.”

Bike East Bay also played an important role in such improvements as the Christie Ave. cycle track (a distinct path, physically separated from motorist traffic) and the Bay Bridge bike path.

For bicycling in the winter months (particularly THIS winter), Bike East Bay offers up some tips on staying safe in the rain:

  1. Make sure your tires are in shape
  2. Take it slow
  3. Dress to be noticed
  4. Look out for puddles
  5. Be extra wary of the cars around you

See a full list of tips here >

From February to June, Bike East Bay staff and board will be leading a series of progressively challenging rides. The group will check out longer and hillier routes around the East Bay in a social and supportive setting. This series prepares Bike East Bay’s team for the California Climate Ride, and the rides are open to all.

Why not give the first ride in this series a try?

Spring Ride: Bay Trail from MacArthur BART
This ride will be a flat 20-mile ride from MacArthur BART out onto the Bay Bridge path, then continuing up the Bay Trail to Point Isabel, and ending at El Cerrito Plaza BART station.

WHEN: February 18th, 2017 10:00 AM through 1:00 PM

WHERE: 555 40th St Oakland, CA 94609

For more information about Bike East Bay and to become a member, visit their website here >