Secret Ingredients: 3 Purveyors Reveal Some Secrets to Success

Public Market’s #DeliciouslyReinvented Food Hall is home to food purveyors who serve truly unique dishes. Some of these eateries offer one-of-a-kind menu items, made with special recipes and proprietary ingredients.

For example, recently opened Nyum Bai serves specialty dishes based on recipes from Chef-Owner Nite Yun’s family and inspired by her Cambodian heritage. “Research & Development” isn’t reserved just for the tech world. Nite spends numerous hours perfecting different dishes, experimenting with sauces, pastes, broths. The results are available only at Nyum Bai in Public Market.

While Nite isn’t ready to “go public” with her secrets yet, some of our food purveyors have pulled back the curtain. Below are some insights into the deliciousness you’ll find at three different eateries at Public Market. Enjoy!

The Aquilani Salad, with its mix of pomegranate and kabocha squash tossed with spicy arugula, is a dish that patrons to return HOT ITALIAN for again and again. This dish represents where Italian chef Fabrizio Cercatore is from. “It’s light enough,” Fabrizio says, “to accompany your favorite pizza to make a well-rounded and delicious meal.”

To view a video and see the recipe, visit the California Bountiful website >

Celebrity chef James Beard once said, “Too few people understand a really good sandwich.” Aren’t we lucky?

One of those “few people” are the team behind Public Market’s own Mayo & Mustard. We won’t be revealing the recipe for M&M’s secret sauces. However, it’s clear one of the great secrets to M&M’s sandwich success is found in a bakery across the Bay.

Panorama Wholesale Bakery in San Francisco provides M&M with their signature artisan breads, including the Napa Valley Hoagie and Napa Valley Sweet French rolls. Those two loaves are just a small selection of the myriad batards, baguettes and buns baked “Old World” style in stone hearth ovens at Panorama.  See a list of the farmers markets and cafes where you might score a Panorama loaf to take home >

Koja Kitchen, a long time favorite food truck, brings its unique take on Korean Japanese food to fans at the Public Market everyday.

A key ingredient in several KoJa dishes is their 7-spice garlic BBQ short ribs. Chef Owner Hiep Lien shared his recipe for the Food Network and you can try your hand at it here >

But don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t turn out quite like the delicious dishes at KoJa. You can always come back to the Food Hall for the perfect Short Rib KoJa!