How to Do the Poke-Menu at Fish Face Poke Bar

We’re thrilled to welcome Fish Face Poke Bar as the newest purveyor in the Food Hall. From celebrated Sacramento chef/owner Billy Ngo, Fish Face at Public Market Emeryville is the third location of this wildly successful poke bar, where diners select fish from a variety of the freshest aquatic offerings.

For the uninitiated: poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish of fresh, cubed raw fish, onions, seaweed, sesame oil and soy sauce. With a culinary background as an award-winning sushi chef, Ngo has brought his own spin to the tasty South Pacific dish. Restaurant reviewers have noted Fish Face’s nuanced sauces and unique assemblages for elevating this dish above a simple fish bowl.

Diners have a number of choices:

  • Create your own poke bowl for a meal (think of it as a customized salad)
  • Order the daily special
  • Order poke a la carte
  • Purchase sides, such as rice-balls, hand rolls or sunomono (don’t know what that is? Why not visit Fish Face to find out?)

To order your own creation as a meal, first choose your protein (tuna, octopus, shrimp, salmon, sturgeon or tofu for the vegetarians), then your sauce (sesame soy, spicy kimchi, wasabi, cliantro pesto, yuzu ponzu), then choose from a number of additions, such as rice crisps, sprouts and avocado. All pokes come with onions, seaweed, sesame seeds and one free sauce.

Fish Face also prides itself on including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Throughout his career, Ngo has become known for his use of the best ingredients and flavor, and his commitment to increasing sustainability in his menu.

Plan your visit to Fish Face Poke Bar soon!