Eating Vegan at Public Market Emeryville

As the holidays approach, you might be wondering how you can stick to more healthful foods during this time of year. It’s no longer so challenging to discover vegan options. A plant-based diet that excludes meat, fish and dairy, vegan cuisine is popular not only for environmental and philosophical reasons, but for perceived health benefits, too.

And while vegan dishes are sometimes healthful, they can also be deliciously indulgent, too. Below is just a sampling of tasty vegan menu items from select purveyors at Public Market:

KOJA KITCHEN (best vegan food truck dish, SFWeekly)
KoJa was once honored by SFWeekly for “Best Vegan Food Truck Dish,” its Tofu Teriyaki Zen. Composed of a glazed Portobello mushroom and tofu patty with a ring of pineapple and a pinch of shredded lettuce, this is no ordinary sandwich. The buns are two crisped discs of rice and the satisfying tofu patty doesn’t even try to imitate meat.

“Soymilk” ramen: a soymilk-based vegetable broth with bean sprouts, grilled kabocha squash, bamboo shoots, green onion and corn.

A seasonal special is Shiba’s “Salad Ramen,” a.k.a. “hiyashi chuka” A refreshing cold noodle salad with Japanese dressing, bean sprouts, tomato, cucumber, mizuna, yuzu kosho, nori, and choice of protein, including tofu.

With everything made fresh to-order at C CASA, any vegetarian item can be made vegan, without dairy. Some favorites include Sweet Potato & Black Bean tacos and White Bean & Avocado tacos.

While they’re known for their meat patties, did you know that Super Duper also offers a hugely popular, house-made veggie burger? Enjoy it on its own or wrapped in lettuce without the Super Sauce. They can also substitute their buns for their vegan ciabatta bread. SD’s Super Salads are another vegan option.

This Korean BBQ hot spot also serves its fried rice with veggies only and a popular tofu with rice and vegetables dish.

And this is just for starters, with some purveyors (hello, Mr. Dewie!) serving all vegan items!

You’ve probably discovered your own vegan favorites at Public Market. Let us know by tagging us on Twitter, snapping a photo on Instagram or posting an update to our Facebook page!