Meet the Purveyors: Fish Face Poke Bar

Fish Face Poke Bar in Public Market is the brainchild of celebrated Sacramento chef/owner Billy Ngo.  It is the third location of this wildly successful poke bar, where diners select fish from a variety of the freshest aquatic offerings.

We wanted to learn more about the team behind Fish Face so we checked in with one of Fish Face’s business partners, Phuong Tran. Phuong took time out of her busy schedule to fill us in on what makes her tick:

Q. What inspired you to become a restaurant owner?
A. Love of good food. The joy of preparing and eating it with friends and family. The desire to do business better.

Q. What was your first job?
A. I hot-glued fake autumn leaves to plastic rings used for seasonal decor in an assembly line in a small warehouse.

Q.If you weren’t in the food business, what would you do?
A. Design and build furniture. Or be a child psychologist.

Q. Any particular favorite menu item at Fish Face?
A. That’s tough. I eat something from Fish Face nearly every single day and still enjoy it.

Q. How about a favorite dish from another purveyor at Public Market?
A. That’s tough too! The White Bird at Shiba. The ribs at Paradita. Cornbread from Minnie Bell’s.

Q. Have a favorite book about food?
A. It Must’ve Been Something I Ate by Jeffrey Steingarten

Q. What celebrity would you love to have dine at Fish Face?
A. Anthony Bourdain

Q. How do you relax? OR What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
A. Cooking and eating! I love hiking and camping but do that far less often. Oh, and binge-watching “Law and Order”, SVU preferred.