Lyft Bikes Hub Makes Biking to Public Market Easy

We’re delighted that the Bay Area bike-sharing network, Lyft Bikes has a hub on the south end of Public Market. We hope you’ll take advantage of this convenient new model for getting around. Whether commuting to work, solving a first- or last-mile problem or simply visiting the Food Hall, shared bikes make your trips easy.

How to Get Started?
The Lyft Bike website is a great resource. The basics require signing on as a member, downloading the app or using your Clipper card, then begin biking. It’s really that simple.

After trying for ourselves, here are some tips we’d like to pass on to ensure you have a smooth ride:

  1. The Adjustable Seat – Simply snap open the black lever below the seat and move the saddle up or down. The printed numbers help you remember your ideal height for next time.
  2. The Safety Bell – The bell is on the left handlebar – simply twist to make it ring.
  3. Trip Length – Ford GoBikes are priced for short-rides, not necessarily for long recreational trips. Keep your ride to 30 or 45 minutes or less and you won’t have to worry about exceeding your price-cap.
  4. Check Bike Before You Unlock – To be on the safe side, give the tires a check before you unlock your bike. And if you discover there is a maintenance issue or vandalism, report it to 855-480-2453 so everyone in the system can continue to enjoy a pleasant ride.
  5. Dock Your Bike Securely Before Concluding Use – To return a bike, line up the triangle at the front of the bike with the dock. When you insert your bike into the dock, the light on the dock will first show yellow. If it turns to green, it means you’ve docked the bike correctly and ended your ride. If the light turns to red, it means that the bike was not docked correctly and is not locked.

To see a map of the full system, visit here > Happy Trails!