Brush Up Your Dance Moves this Summer

Could it be time to put salsa lessons on your summer calendar? Or maybe you’re more the swing dance type? Of course, there’s always country two-step.

Allegro Ballroom at 5855 Christie Avenue in Emeryville offers classes in a wide range of popular dance styles. The facility boasts the largest ballroom in the Bay Area and has the distinction of being the only non-profit, full-service dance studio in the country.

Located practically in Public Market’s backyard, Allegro has acquired a reputation for exceptional dance training and dance events combined with a spirit of local community.

Allegro comprises four different studios, totaling 20,000 square feet of space. The Ballroom’s members see it as an alternative to nightlife entertainment: great music, spacious dance-floor, but minus the ear-splitting DJs or drinks spilling on the floor.

Member Endee W. noted, “There are few true ballrooms left in the Bay Area … Allegro is a ballroom, not a club, which is why serious dancers love it.”

Once you’ve got some moves to practice, there’s an open dance on Sunday nights. And you never have to worry about arriving without a partner. An Allegro member is always willing to partner and offer tips.

A new dance style introduced at Allegro this summer is called Urban Kiz. Instructor Eddie Hercules describes the dance as “inspired by Kizomba – a dance originating in Angola – with influences from Tango, hip hop, and more.”

So, we hope to see you show off your new moves at the next Market Beats, featuring free live music, at Public Market.