Fancy Food Show Shows Trends on the Horizon

So, you’re an aspiring food blogger. Where do you go to stay ahead of the curve for food trends on the horizon? That would be the Fancy Food Show, of course!

Trends such as kale-based foods or bacon-infused dishes emerge each year at the Fancy Food Show. Presented by the Specialty Food Association twice a year, the Summer Fancy Food Show just wrapped up in New York City and featured 2,400 exhibitors from 54 countries around the world offering over 200,000 products.

Specialty foods, like those you find in gourmet sections of grocery stores and artisan food markets, now command nearly 16% share of the total food market, according to a report released at the show.

The report also revealed that the top five specialty food categories with the highest dollar growth from 2015 to 2017 were:

  • water (up 76%),
  • rice cakes (64%),
  • refrigerated ready-to-drink tea and coffee (63%),
  • jerky and meat snacks (62%) and
  • shelf-stable creams and creamers (62%).

While the core specialty food consumer tends to be between the ages of 24 to 41, the younger generation, ages 18 to 23, is emerging as a key cohort for this industry.

Denise Purcell, head of content at the Specialty Food Association, noted that this younger generation is “very health focused, wellness focused, they care about what they’re putting into their bodies …”

That must be why cauliflower emerged as a hot food trend, showing up as a key ingredient in crackers and pretzels at the show this year.

You don’t have to wait until next summer to have your own Fancy Food Show experience. The Winter Fancy Food Show is held every year in San Francisco. Learn more here >