Sports, Food, Drink + More for November

Did you know you can watch your favorite sports and more at Public Market Emeryville? With our new screens we are programming local sporting events and movies.

Here’s the schedule for the month of November:

11/1 AT 7:30pM
spurs vs. warriors

11/2 AT 5:30pm
hornets vs. warriors

11/3 AT 10:00am
vikings vs. chiefs

11/3 at 1:05PM
lions vs. raiders

11/3 AT 5:20pM
patriots vs. ravens

11/4 at 5:15pm
cowboys vs. ny giants

11/6 AT 4:30pM
warriors vs. rockets

11/7 AT 5:20pM
chargers vs. raiders

11/8 AT 5:00pM
warriors vs. timberwolves

11/9 AT 5:00pM
warriors vs. thunder

11/10 AT 10:00aM
chiefs vs. titans

11/10 AT 1:25pM
panthers vs. packers

11/10 AT 5:20pM
vikings vs. cowboys

11/11 AT 5:15PM
Seahawks vs. 49ers

11/13 AT 7:00pM
warriors vs. lakers

11/14 at 5:20PM
steelers vs. browns

11/15 at 7:30PM
Celtics vs. warriors

11/17 at 10:00aM
broncos vs. vikings

11/17 at 1:05PM
cardinals vs. 49ers

11/17 AT 5:20PM
bears vs. rams

11/18 at 5:15PM
chiefs vs. chargers

11/19 at 5:00pM
warriors vs. grizzlies

11/20 at 4:30PM
warriors vs. mavericks

11/21 at 5:20pM
colts vs. texans

11/22 at 6:00PM
warriors vs. jazz

11/23 AT 1:00PM
Cal vs. Stanford

11/24 AT 10:00aM
raiders vs. jets

11/24 AT 1:25pM
packers vs. 49ers

11/24 AT 5:20PM
Seahawks vs. eagles

11/25 AT 5:15PM
ravens vs. rams

11/27 AT 7:30pM
bulls vs. warriors

11/28 at 9:30aM
bears vs. lions

11/28 AT 1:30PM
bills vs. cowboys

11/28 AT 5:20PM
saints vs. falcons

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