Sports, Food, Drink + More for January

Did you know you can watch your favorite sports while you enjoy a meal at Public Market Emeryville? Our mega TV screens are showing live local sporting events.

Here’s the schedule for the month of January:

1/1 AT 2:00pm
Rose Bowl Game: Utah Utes vs. Ohio State Buckeyes

1/1 AT 6:00pm
Warriors vs. Jazz

1/2 AT 1:05pm
texans vs. 49ers

1/2 AT 10:00am
Sharks vs. penguins

1/3 AT 7:00pm
heat vs. warriors

1/4 AT 4:30pm
sharks vs. red wings

1/5 AT 4:30pm
warriors vs. mavericks

1/6 AT 11:00am
jingle all the way

1/8 AT 4:00pm
sharks vs. flyers

1/9 AT 1:25pm
49ers vs. rams

1/9 AT 5:30pm
cavaliers vs. warriors

1/11 AT 5:00pm
warriors vs. grizzlies

1/11 AT 7:30am
red wings vs. sharks

1/13 AT 1:40pm
warriors vs. bucks

1/13 AT 7:30pm
rangers vs. sharks

1/14 AT 5:00pm
warriors vs. bulls

1/15 AT 1:30pm
raiders vs. bengals

1/15 AT 5:15pm
patriots vs. bills

1/16 AT 5:00pm
warriors vs. timberwolves

1/16 AT 10:00AM
eagles vs. buccaneers

1/16 AT 1:30pm
49ers vs. cowboys

1/16 AT 5:15pm
steelers vs. chiefs

1/17 AT 1:00pm
kings vs. sharks

1/17 AT 5:15pm
cardinals vs. rams

1/18 AT 7:00pm
pistons vs. warriors

1/20 AT 7:00pm
pistons vs. warriors

1/21 AT 7:00pm
rockets vs. warriors

1/22 AT 1:30pm
bengals vs. titans

1/22 AT 5:15pm
49ers vs. packers

1/23 AT 5:30pm
jazz vs. warriors

1/23 AT 12:00pm
rams vs. buccaneers

1/23 AT 3:30pm
bills vs. chiefs

1/25 AT 7:00pm
mavericks vs. warriors

1/26 AT 4:00pm
sharks vs. capitals

1/27 AT 7:00pm
timberwolves vs. warriors

1/29 AT 5:30pm
nets vs. warriors

1/29 AT 3:00pm
sharks vs. panthers

1/30 AT 12:00pm
bengals vs. chiefs

1/30 AT 3:30pm
49ers vs. rams

1/31 AT 5:00pm
warriors vs. rockets

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