Sports, Food, Drink + More for March

Did you know you can watch your favorite sports while you enjoy a meal at Public Market Emeryville? Our mega TV screens are showing live local sporting events. This month we will be showing all of the NCAA March Madness games. Games will be added as soon as they are announced.

Here’s the schedule for the month of March :

3/1 AT 4:30pm
cavaliers vs. celtics

3/1 AT 7:00pm
pelicans vs. trail blazers

3/2 AT 4:30pm
76ers vs. mavericks

3/2 AT 7:00pm
clippers vs. warriors

3/3 AT 4:30pm
nets vs. Celtics

3/3 AT 7:00pm
pelicans vs. warriors

3/4 AT 5:30pm
76ers vs. bucks

3/4 AT 7:00pm
timberwolves vs. kings

3/5 AT 10:00pm
suns vs. mavericks

3/5 AT 12:30pm
warriors vs. lakers

3/5 AT 4:30pm
knicks vs. Celtics

3/5 AT 7:00pm
grizzlies vs. clippers

3/6 AT 7:00pm
pelicans vs. kings

3/7 AT 4:30pm
76ers vs. timberwolves

3/7 AT 5:00pm
warriors vs. thunder

3/8 AT 4:30pm
mavericks vs. pelicans

3/8 AT 7:00pm
raptors vs. clippers

3/9 AT 4:30pm
warriors vs. grizzlies

3/9 AT 7:00pm
knicks vs. kings

3/11 AT 5:30pm
warriors vs. bucks

3/12 AT 6:00pm
knicks vs. lakers

3/13 AT 4:30pm
grizzlies vs. mavericks

3/13 AT 7:00pm
suns vs. warriors

3/15 AT 4:30pm
76ers vs. cavaliers

3/15 AT 7:00pm
warriors vs. clippers

3/16 ALL DAY
Ncaa march madness

3/16 AT 4:30pm
kings vs. nets

3/17 All day
ncaa march madness

3/17 AT 4:30pm
warriors vs. hawks

3/18 all day
ncaa march madness

3/18 AT 5:00pm
warriors vs. grizzlies

3/19 All day
ncaa march madness

3/20 AT 5:00pm
warriors vs. rockets

3/21 AT 7:00pm
kings vs. Celtics

3/22 AT 4:30pm
warriors vs. mavericks

3/22 AT 7:00pm
lakers vs. suns

3/23 At 4:00pm
ncaa march madness

3/24 AT 4:00pm
ncaa march madness

3/24 AT 7:00pm
76ers vs. warriors

3/25 AT 3:00pm
ncaa march madness

3/25 AT 7:00pm
kings vs. jazz

3/26 AT 11:00am
ncaa march madness

3/26 AT 5:30pm
warriors vs. timberwolves

3/27 AT 7:00pm
kings vs. timberwolves

3/28 AT 4:30pm
heat vs. raptors

3/28 AT 7:00pm
warriors vs. pelicans

3/29 AT 4:30pm
mavericks vs. 76ers

3/29 AT 7:00pm
kings vs. trail blazers

3/30 AT 4:30pm
Celtics vs. bucks

3/30 AT 7:00pm
pelicans vs. nuggets

3/31 AT 7:00pm
warriors vs. spurs


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