Family Fun Starts at Amtrak in Emeryville

Family Fun Starts at Amtrak in Emeryville

Just a five minute walk over the pedestrian bridge from Public Market awaits a window to adventure. It’s the Amtrak Station, where families can outrun Bay Area traffic and ride the rails in comfort to fun destinations.

We’ve highlighted just a few train-worthy trips that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Explore the Suisun Marsh
Board the Capitol Corridor north to Suisun City/Fairfield Station. The stretch of this route between Martinez and Davis is one of the prettiest in the region. Detrain at Suisun City/Fairfield Station, which is situated by the largest contiguous estuarine marsh in the United States.

Abundant with wildlife, and especially birds, the Suisun Marsh is comprised of nearly 100,000 acres of land, bays, and sloughs. With a bicycle and sense of adventure, anyone can take the train to Suisun and explore this unique and protected habitat. And, yes, you can bring your bikes on the Capitol Corridor.

California State Railroad Museum
Further up the rail line is one of the top train museums in the country. Detrain at Sacramento station and just a short walk into Old Sacramento brings you to the California State Railroad Museum, which has something for all ages.

Amid the rich rail history and old-time locomotives on display, a current exhibit looks at the Chinese railroad workers experience who built the western portion of the original Transcontinental railroad.

Computer History Museum
Once again, bypass the Bay Area freeway congestion by taking the Capitol Corridor to San Jose where the Computer History Museum explores the past and the future. Current exhibits include the History of Autonomous Vehicles and the IBM 1401 Demo Lab.

From exploring a working, medium-sized computer operation from the 1960s to entering code that creates vibrant art patterns, no need to bring your pocket protector for this fun excursion.

Happy (T)rails!