The Story Behind The Art: Introducing the Mosaic

There is more than great new food at Public Market, there is interesting and unique art from local Bay Area artists, designed as part of the Market Hall experience.

The Mosaic, one of four original works at Public Market, was designed by Kelly Anderson of kaas design, the creative mind behind the vision of the renovated Market Hall. To learn more about what inspired Kelly we sat down and asked her a few questions.

Kelly, can you tell us, from your perspective as designer and architect, the vision for the redesigned Market Hall?

My inspiration was drawn from both the historic brick and timber structure and from the new direction of artisanal chefs and tenants who are populating the market. We stripped down the building to uncover its original bones and chose new, industrial materials to honor the building’s heritage.

The utensils mosaic is very fun. Tell us how that came to be.

The vast wall on which the mural sits was begging for something eye-catching. While the design of the entire renovation shows a play of old and new materials, the standing river rocks are particularly tactile and unexpected. The mural’s subject: traditional cooking utensils – serve as an homage to the new chefs of the Market Hall and their dedication to providing authentic, meaningful food in a communal setting. Also, the area where this mosaic is now located was previously an uninteresting and under-activated corner of the building. I really focused on enlivening and enriching this space so it has become a more desirable corner to congregate.

Click here to see the story behind the Mosaic video.

Make sure to stop by Public Market Emeryville to try our newest purveyors and to view the Mosaic.

Public Market Emeryville. Deliciously Reinvented.