The Story Behind the Art: The Rope Chandelier

When visiting Public Market, most likely you will be looking at the great food you’re about to eat. But when done, send your eyes skyward to take a look at the Rope Chandeliers by Seth Quest.

Artist Seth Quest believes in “design thinking” and designing for the greater good. While studying product design at San Francisco State University, Quest was trained in making objects, but is now more interested in creating new experience.

Visit Public Market today to see how Quest’s nautical knot light sculpture shifts depending on your perspective in the hall. No small undertaking, Quest brought all his experience into play to design this large rope light installation for the renovated Food Hall.

Click here to view the behind-the-scenes video.

Make sure to stop by Public Market Emeryville to try our newest purveyors and to view the Rope Chandeliers.

Public Market Emeryville. #DeliciouslyReinvented