INSTAGRAM IT! Tips for Snapping Top Spots

On Public Market Emeryville’s Instagram channel, we love the many foodie photos our followers share. With the Food Hall as a primary attraction, visitors often post photos of our purveyors’ delicious creations. You know the ones: birds-eye, hyper close-ups of colorful, creative, delectable dishes.

Visitors also share photos of other highlights from the Public Market, such as selfies in front of the art throughout the Food Hall. Among favorite backdrops are our Living Wall, the Mosaic of utensils, and bike rack art in front of Public Market. Plus, who can resist a selfie with The Rooster?

We were curious what shutterbugs look for when deciding to capture a place, a mood or to tell a story. We caught up with a couple of Public Market regular Instagrammers to get tips on what they look for when deciding where to snap.

@Mydealist had this to add: “I really loved that [Public Market] added a piece of nature into the environment and created an incredible background for a photo! I think unique additions like the wooden tables and the silver stools are great visuals, too”

Another Instagram follower noted that interesting types of backdrops can include:

  1. Iconic locations – especially if photographed from a different perspective (think Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach)
  2. Architecture – exteriors or interiors, either choosing angles or a deliberate flat/head-on perspective
  3. Public Art / Murals – Emeryville is rich in public art to explore
  4. Natural landscapes – Again, the Bay Area is rich in stunning outdoor environments. Contrast of subject vs. background can work well when photographing in nature. The marina in Emeryville is a great location to start!

And don’t forget – if you’re snapping at Public Market, we’d love for you to tag us @publicmarketemeryville and use the hashtag #DeliciouslyReinvented.